Our Story

Chocolate is the language of happiness, and we speak it very fluently at Bioko Treats. Our luxury pralines, bonbons, and chocolate bars are a delightful, delicious experience. Every bite is a flavourful adventure. 
Made from traceable cocoa beans, roasted in-house and paired with only the finest ingredients, we take pride in creating chocolates that leave a lasting impression. Chocolate is our akɔnɔdiɛ*, and it is our ultimate desire and privilege to share the pleasure of chocolate with you.
Bioko Treats embodies my vision for unmistakable mastery and social impact through chocolate. We are a Ghanaian, woman-owned business that values quality, strives for excellence, and is fully committed to seeing our community thrive. Our small-but-mighty team takes pride in creating chocolates for every occasion, from milestone celebrations to everyday enjoyment. For us, there’s no sweeter joy than turning our passion for chocolate into treats that make you say, “Mmmmm!” with every bite.

Welcome to our delectable chocolate haven:
we know you are here to stay.

With love and chocolate,

Jeanne Donkoh
Founder, Bioko Treats
*Akɔnɔdiɛ is a Twi word that means “desirable” and connotes sweetness.

Ethically sourced

Handcrafted with love

Highlighting Ghanaian Flavours

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The Bioko Treats Promise

We make every effort to deliver more than your money’s worth in chocolate craftsmanship. If the package says Bioko Treats, then you can be sure of these three things:

Our Origins

Located in Ghana, home of some of the best cocoa in the world, Bioko is dedicated to crafting gorgeous and delightful chocolate using Ghana’s famed Forastero cocoa infused with mostly local ingredients.
We handcraft our dark and milk chocolate desirables with chocolate manufactured in-house using traceable beans from the Eastern Region of Ghana.